DL is OK

DL is OK


DL is OK. It’s a statement about the guy’s disposition - looking for fun between beaches and barstools, not always finding it, but ultimately doing all right. He’s the kind of guy that makes music that’s easy to love, as much a product of his parents record collection as misguided teenage listening. His stuff is earnest and full of guitars. It’s perfect for bright outdoor hangs and dark interior unwinds. Paired well with an adult beverage or an herbal cigarette, his songs showcase both musical and autobiographical outtakes from his past, a sardonic consideration of the future and support the notion of just saying hey, “sometimes it’s nice to float through the middle of it all.”  

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On Tour

February 8th - Jacksonville, FL - Winterland Presents in 5 Points

February 19th - St. Augustine, FL - Planet Sarbez